Classic Textbook In Hydrogeology

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Classic textbooks in hydrogeology

The list compiles some of the most well known hydrogeology textbooks. Also see post/discussions here, here

  1. Groundwater, by Freeze and Cherry, 1979
  2. Dynamics of Fluids in Porous Media, by Jacob Bear, 1988
  3. Applied Hydrogeology (4th ed), by C .W. Fetter, 2000
  4. Contaminant Hydrogeology, by Fetter, Boving, and Kreamer, 2017
  5. Groundwater Hydrology (3rd ed), by Todd and Mays, 2004
  6. Applied Contaminant Transport Modeling (2nd ed), by Bennett and Zheng, 2002
  7. Groundwater Geochemistry (2nd Ed), by Broder Jr and Britta, 2005
  8. Geochemistry, Groundwater and Pollution (2nd Ed), by Appelo and Postma, 1993